Songbird Bakery

Highstreet vs local

Middlesbrough’s home for cupcakes is ultra local. Craft over mass produced. Each cupcake is presented like an item at a gallery. The smell of the kitchen invites you in. There is no need for massive poster or offers to lead the customers hand.

Uncover Themes

Feel at home

Craft, local and homely are everything that high street isn’t. No shouting, no showing off, no offers or gimmicks. Songbird Bakery just is.

Generate Ideas

Well crafted flavour

A birdhouse represented all three themed words. Not intimidating and fits in with ‘Middlesbrough’s home of cupcakes’. There are an infinite amount of birdhouse styles. Distilling the correct style took some time. The chosen one had to be instantly recognisable as a birdhouse. All angles and shapes were exaggerated as to make it work as an icon.

A number of cake stands were tested. The one chosen didn’t fight for the attention against the birdhouse. The cake stand elevated the birdhouse quietly without too much fuss.

Distill Designs

Soft & sturdy

The logotype couldn’t be that person at parties without any anecdotes. It had to contain some flair. Not enough to distract the interior when passing by though. The Neo-grotesque fitted this description well.

The logo only needed to hint at the homely feel that was desired from the start. The basic shapes of the birdhouse and cake stand sat well together.

Not a cloud up in the sky, got the sun in my eyes. Something that gives you a spring in your step. Sky blue was the obvious choice.

Sign Off

Quietly confident

Strolling along Bedford Street nowadays is a refreshing experience. Old, run down, flats have been converted into a melting pot of cultured food offerings. At the end of the road thereis now a welcoming space filled with the fresh smells of cupcakes. The 'Songbird Bakery' lettering quietly hints at the delights inside. A clutter free window allows the rustic interior take you by the hand and lead you into the shop.

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