Songbird Bakery

Smell that? Freshly made cupcakes.

Songbird Bakery bake ‘freshly made cupcakes’. They have recently acquired shop space with kitchen and dining area. Branding for the shop and website was needed.

A gem on Bedford Street.

Initial digging lead me to the difference between narrow street shops & high street stores:

“In the narrow streets … although signs occur, persuasion is mainly through the sight and smell of the real cakes through the doors and windows of the bakery.”

“On Main Street, shop window displays for pedestrians along the sidewalks and exterior signs, perpendicular to the street for motorists, dominate the scene almost equally.”

It's about the experience. The smells. Personalities. Promotion was in the product. It made sense to create minimal branding.

Musical notes, bird houses & tea.

All initial ideas had to revolve around the themes of 'home', 'music' & 'vintage'. Three proposals were created. These held symbols such as bird houses musical notes and tea. The bird house is a connates a little house for a bird family. With music you recognise that your heart beat is metrnomic. Tea is as traditional as it comes.

After a few iterations of each idea the birdhouse held the most potential. Bird house had the tradition to be vintage and the shape to represent a homely feel. The other two ideas didn't seem to represent a cake shop, they leaned too much towards a theatre & tea house.

A clean, fresh approach.

A stamp of approval that shows with the quality of the cakes.

The grid for the Songbird Bakery lettering

A traditional yet energetic approach.

The grid for the Songbird Bakery window lettering

Making it crystal clear what to expect when walking through the front door.

shop signage lettering shop window lettering shop window logo shop door number shop hanging sign lettering shop hanging sign lettering

Interior over design.

Working alongside the experience of the shop, the design had to take a back seat. Windows needed to be clear. Shapes had to be basic. Flamboyancy was not a desired feature. Nothing could compete with the interior. Only with the website was there an opportunity to add a bit of flair. Images of cupcakes were subtly placed in front of you and suggested ‘please try me’.

Changes could have been made such as, the angle of the window lettering could have been removed as it conflicted with the signage lettering. Having said this the white against the clear window is subtle and doesn’t shout so it is less noticeable.

Songbird Bakery have now been able to add their own decoration on occasions such as Halloween or Christmas without the window looking too over crowded. Promo material is also opportunity to show off personality.