North-East Gaming

Another Youtube channel...

North East Gaming is a Youtube channel dedicated to console gaming. First conversations questioned why another gaming Youtube channel? The answer? Their personalities were a perfect match for Youtube. A logo & lettering were needed to work across all social media.

///// Make intros less wordy /////

Friendship, Gods and cults.

After an endless amount of gaming channel videos I decided the more successful ones were part of a wider circle. There was an energy when content was linked with other gamers channels. This was like a circle of friends. A group of friends that have the same sense of humour. You could almost call it a cult.

At this stage I started looking and what event / thing / person could generate the energy of a crowd. Religion, cinemas, tv, gods.

///// Make sure there is no distinct squareness of images, more cutout /////

Glitching unrest.

Ideas rested on words such as followers, light hearted & off center. This could lead into sports fans, cults among other themes.

The sketches built upon these foundations were hypnosis that grew from the idea of cults. Cults have a knack of attracting followers. Mascots seem to be the cheerleaders for a certain sport. The North East of England has a lot of beutiful landmarks; it would be a shame to mess with them. This idea showed the mischievous attitude the videos contained.

The mascot seemed to hold the right balance of mischief.

hypnotic logo ideas zoomed in hypnotic logo ideas north-east landmarks logo ideas zoomed in north-east landmarks logo ideas

Pixelated guides.

Pixelated Square Pixelated triangle Pixelated Circle Uppercase pixelated n Uppercase pixelated e Uppercase pixelated g Lowercase pixelated a Lowercase pixelated m Lowercase pixelated i Lowercase pixelated n Lowercase pixelated g

///// Create alphabet, upper and lowercase /////

///// Sketches of lettering with square circle triangle grid /////

North East Gaming logo

///// Edit colours to show the glitch variations /////

///// Have neg head glitch on the lettering /////

Profile of a mascot.

Neg Head is the cult leader people follow. It goes about it’s own business with a wink and a smile. It never takes itself serious. It encapsulates the personality of the gamers. Against a blinding yellow and vibrant blue gives Neg Head an unstoppable hyper ness. All hail NEG HEAD.

One of the better surprises was the mascot placed on their Youtube profile pic. AT very little sizes it is still recognisable as North East Gaming's logo.

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