North East Gaming

Embracing chaos

Another Youtube gaming channel is like a drop in the ocean. Why bother with the uphill struggle of finding your calling umongst the chaos that is Youtube? The truth is there is no struggle, just friends competing on console games they enjoy. Don't take yourself too seriously seems to be the title of this story.

Uncover Themes

Cults & gods

Cults, gods, fads all have the same thing in commen. They all have followers. When looking from the outside it is easy to find the funny side.

Generate Ideas

Pixelated stomping

Sport and shoot em ups and little brick based games circle the channels agenda. How does NE Gaming crash through warzones, football fields and pixelated maps? What is their footprint?

Distill Designs

Bold mascot

Part cheerleader, part cult figure. Having a logo is pretty bread and butter. Having a character that holds the channels personality adds that extra spark.

Neon colours battling against each other is unnerving. Neg head doesn't take the safe road.

To be part of the channel is to be part of a club. The lettering is the badge you wear once a member.

Sign Off

In your pixel face

All elements were clicked into place across the Youtube channel. The profile pic was haunted by NEG Head. Profile pics may be small but North East Gamings persona is no less visable.