Middlesbrough Gateway Club

What makes a community dance?

There is a great sense of identity attached to each activity that generates the energy at the Middlesbrough Gateway Club. There are a lot of choices from the art room to basic computer skills. Each activity encourages to bring out the creative, confident side of the individual.

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Identity, accessible & ownership

Identity, accessible and ownership are what makes the Gateway Club unique. Visitors have been coming back for years due to close friendships and a feeling of ownership.

Generate Ideas

Our identity

The security of the gate linked in with the name. This wasn’t an obvious choice as first glance may seem. There are a number of different gates that hold a lot of connotations. The chosen gate design was from a cottage. This fitted in with the family feel the club holds. The heart fitted with the heartbeat of a community.

The gate logo acted as a banner for the full set of activity icons. The icons borrowed the energy of past olympic icons. Every activity now had its own identity.

Distill Designs

Display typeface, icon & daffodil yellow

This dis play font was created for headings and the logo type. It had to have character as it was representing a club full of energy.

The security of a family. What represents this? A cottage gate. A cottage has connotations of warmth and craft.

Daffodil is a bright, sharp yellow that represents spring and freshness.

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Can you help?

Are you interested in bringing your skills to a care setting? Are you inspired by our full array of activities? This is what the website now asks potential volunteers to the Middlesbrough Gateway Club.