Middlesbrough Gateway Club

Community with strong roots

There is a great sense of identity attached to each activity that generates the energy at the Middlesbrough Gateway Club. There are a lot of choices from the art room to basic computer skills. Each activity encourages to bring out the creative, confident side of the individual.

Uncover Themes

This is our club

Identity, accessible and ownership are what makes the Gateway Club unique. Visitors have been coming back for years due to close friendships and a feeling of ownership.

Generate Ideas

Cottage gate

The security of the gate linked in with the name. This wasn’t an obvious choice as first glance may seem. There are a number of different gates that hold a lot of connotations. The chosen gate design was from a cottage. This fitted in with the family feel the club holds. The heart fitted with the heartbeat of a community.

The gate logo acted as a banner for the full set of activity icons. The icons borrowed the energy of past olympic icons. Every activity now had its own identity.

Distill Designs

Character with energy

This display font was created for headings and the logo type. It had to have character as it was representing a club full of energy.

The security of a family. What represents this? A cottage gate. A cottage has connotations of warmth and craft.

Daffodil is a bright, sharp yellow that represents spring and freshness.

Sign Off

Variation is key

Middlesbrough Gateway Club is now portrayed as a club full of vibrancy and energy. Each activity holds its own badge of honor. So much work goes into each activity from both volunteer and members it was the least they deserved.