The Middlesbrough Gateway Club

A weekly lifeline for the community

The Middlesbrough Gateway hold a weekly activities night for adults with learning disabilities. They had recently moved into a new spacious home. New branding and website was needed to show off what this new space had to offer.

A cocktail of activities.

Without looking at any other examples of how charities promote themselves I decided to volunteer my time one night a week for 6 weeks to get a full grasp of what the club was about. By setting up a basic computer skills course I was able to interact with the members and volunteers.

Five things I learned:

  1. 1. The club had it’s own committee run by the members.
  2. 2. A lot of the members had a hand in the running of the activities.
  3. 3. A lot of visitors have been attending for over 20 years.
  4. 4. Volunteers were there to assist members to run the Club in which way they saw fit.
  5. 5. Long term projects seemed to get the most interest ( painting, pantomine, pool competition ).

The dedication and motivation really hit me and was a privilage to be a part of.

Enthusiasm creates participation.

These ideas needed to have charm, a family feel & a lot of spirit.

The three proposals consisted of the olympic games representing each activity the Club offers. A cottage that fits in with the family and charm theme. Street signs held identity which the club needed.

As the ideas started developing the cottage idea held more weight. However Olympic games icons also caught my attention. The garden gate was the gate to a field of activities represented by Olympic style icons.

Gaming institutions such as olympics and football leagues have a massive and dedicated following. They attract new fans and followers every year through the enthusiasm of others. It is this enthusiasm I must harness.

Celebrating every square inch.

A typeface was created to work across website and promo material. The overall style was mostly for display purposes. It has vast personality that represents the vast array of visitors.

The Gateway typeface consists of the full uppercase alphabet for future website headings. From sketch to digital a lot of advances were made to make this font as readable as possible without losing its personality.

final icon designs
Final Middlesbrough Gateway logo

From clients to friends.

The Middlesbrough Gateway Club now has an identity it can associate with. Each member, volunteer and activity now belongs. All icons for each activity belongs under the banner of the gate logo.

Any improvements would only be aesthetic as I was proud of the idea. The colours may have been too vibrant but the thought of an energetic Club persuaded me this was the correct path to go down.

I still remain in contact with them and feel I have made some friends for life.

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