Junction Beauty

It's about the whole package.

Junction Beauty is a one person local beauty therapy business. Emma has recently built a summer house for her therapy treatment. This summer house and promo material needed a logo and lettering.

An escape from daily routine.

Initial research led me to a beauty therapy forum. Most conversation was leaning towards the personality and the qualified beauty therapist. It wasn’t purely on the quality of the work but was a lot to do with how they felt during the treatment. It was a way of escaping their routine of daily life. This was backed up by speaking to some of Emma's customers. Emma was easy to talk to and relaxing to be around. “Like going to a friends for a cuppa.”

///// Include images of similar styled lettering /////

It's a kind of therapy.

These original concepts themes were familiarity, comfortable & glow. The glow concept had to feel like a spark or bright light shining to represent Emma's personality.

The three proposals were neon signs, zen strokes and comfort in the form of seating and beds.

The neon signs looked too sleezy but held weight when it came to developingthe zen stroke. The comfort idea made it feel like the logo belonged to a furniture shop.

neon logo ideas zoomed in neon logo ideas comfort logo ideas zoomed in comfort logo ideas

///// Combine all icons to a single image /////

Junction Beauty rejected vintage type design Junction Beauty type design changes Junction Beauty type design changes Junction Beauty type design changes Junction Beauty type design changes

///// Redraw rejected elements /////

Junction Beauty rejected type grid
Rejected lettering style

///// The animation should flow smoother /////

Natural and concise.

///// Retake photo for a single shot. /////

Junction Beauty lettering grid
Junction Beauty logo & lettering
Junction Beauty business card

///// Make business card animation /////

Curiously calm.

Junction Beauty now has a brand that has a certain calmness. The swish of the zen stroke matches mimics the warmness of the sun. It’s that summer feeling. All branding is encircled by a sea of black to give the logo & lettering softer edges.

Since the new branding was set up customers of been commenting on how striking the icon is. Although it may not be obvious at first to what it is at least it has had people thinking. The branding was also applied to the website.

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