Junction Beauty

Personality & service

Emma is a warm friendly person who you would feel confident in having a deep conversation with. Clients not only feel confident in Junction Beauty’s capabilities but also it’s a chance to escape normality for a few hours. A chance to unwind is a big reason for returning clients. The branding only had to the services offered.


Feeling of escape

Escape, confidence and warmth relate to some of the client comments about the service they received. A pleasant chat and a warm drink are all part of the package.

Generate Ideas

Sunshine zen

The idea of escaping is utter relief to some people. It’s getting away from the daily routine. One way of achieving this is a holiday. The sun plays a massive factor in going away on holiday.

Emma’s personality makes clients at ease straight away. There is no awkwardness. Everything procedure is natural. Calligraphy helps to show this with its effortless flowing line. The Zen sign is instantly recognisable to the calligraphy style.

Distill Designs

Structured flow

A sun made up of the natural brush stroke of calligraphy. All the connotations of holiday and being relaxed. The grid couldn't be too structured.

This strong serif lettering shows a woman who is confident at her profession.

The golden yellow represents warmth linking in with Emma’s personality.

Sign Off

Good vibrations

Junction Beauty is now represented as a place to escape for a couple of hours. It is a place to chat and be yourself. It is a place you are confident in the treatment you will recieve.

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