Gaming Merchandise

Selling nostalgic memories.|

Gaming Merchandise is an online store filled with retro gaming memorabilia. They needed branding that would rest across their website and social media.

Faces in the clouds.

A lot of their merchandise was retro. Items that come with a back story of childhood memories of spending ours with these characters. These characters gave all items a life of their own. This got me interested into why a so called inanimate object can come to life like this.

I started looking at objects with faces. This is a very real thing. It’s called pareidolia. The recognition of a seemingly ordered pattern in random objects. Examples are finding things in clouds or mishearing words in songs or the more interesting one, finding faces in every day objects.

I also looked at how characters were positioned in a way that showed off their identity perfectly. Like Mario in a jumping stance.

Thematic Drivers This energy is created from the way we look at an item

E-commerce as a games character.

Energy, vibrant & relavent were three words that moved the project forward.

By adding personalities to inanimate objects I could turn them into a game characters. Price tags hald a lot of personality depending on which shop you went into and told you a lot about what kind of objects they sold. Retro games packaging was beautiful. It was big, bold and colourful. Something that link in with the desired theme. The letters in particular could be made into the Gaming Merchandise logo.

The idea that moved the project along the furthest was the personification of inanimate objects. Games characters made up a lot of their website. Having their very own made sense.

Forward Motion Finding that optimal moment a game character comes to life

///// Add each character to a single line /////

Developing an Idea Simple story of a logo development that bursts into flames

///// Add idea to single page, sketch out with colours /////

The illusion of life.

///// Create grid for both logo and lettering /////

Gaming Merchandise Logo Both logo and lettering have been distorted to add tension

///// Add background gif to show speed /////

///// Make lettering animation /////

More pixelated solutions.

With a very tight deadline of a couple of days I may have rushed to the pixelated style too quick but all in all I feel it represented the online store accordingly.

Retro gaming was the theme. The shopping kart was transformed into a character placed in a position that showed off it’s personality. This personality gives life to all items on their website.

The lettering was created from the pixel then skewed to give it tension.

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///// Add designs in various scenarios to explain there intended uses /////