Gaming Merchandise

More than a trend

Retro gaming is not just a trend. It speaks to people. It brings back a lot of nostalgia of beeps and colourful characters. The 8-bit Tetris music and pixelated bricks need to be the heart of this project. With this in mind, what type of game and games character would Gaming Merchandise be?

Uncover Themes

Reclaiming your childhood

Velocity, character and Nostalgia are themes mostly seen within the retro gaming community. This target market feel a connection with the look and feel of retro games.

Generate Ideas

Gamifying commerce

The shopping trolley is iconic to the commerce site. What would happen if the traditional e-commerce site was gameified?

The one aspect the creators of gaming merchandise were proud of and that was delivery times. The idea of speed helped to shape the character of the trolley.

Distill Designs

Ferrari & shopping

The style of 8-bit gaming combined with the iconic cart symbol synopsis with e-commerce sites.

A normal pixel font which has been distorted due to speed.

Ferrari has the colour scheme that represents speed.

Sign Off

Fast service

E-commerce is fast paced. No waiting in lines. A few clicks later you are now the proud owner of Mario wallet. Ca-ching. The boosted shopping trolley wrestles with this idea and takes it for it's own.